Natural childbirth is a childbirth philosophy that believes in the capacity of women -- who have done sufficient preparation -- to give birth without medical intervention(s). When a woman enters the pregnancy and childbirth mindset, one of the most common terms that get thrown around a lot is natural childbirth. Choosing the manner in which a woman gives birth is a personal decision; a decision that only that particular woman can make.

There are women who have no problems with using an epidural, or undergo a caesarean section if their obstetrician deems it necessary. However there are women who feel differently about this and prefer natural childbirth (and the pain involved in the process) over the idea of getting an epidural. The women who do decide to take the natural route are usually discouraged by the people around them. Everyone would tell them about all the birth horror stories of women (in labor) screaming at their husbands, and hating them, and being told they would soon need pain medication.

So is it really possible to have a joyful, beautiful natural birth? Sure it is. The first thing that these soon-to-be moms must do is surround themselves with women who've had empowering birth experiences. They will learn a lot from these women, and will gain the courage and confidence they need. They should then do a bit of research -- reading books that teach women how to trust themselves and the process involved in natural childbirth. They can also watch videos that feature natural childbirth; these provide a visual blueprint that can help women visualize themselves giving birth, which prepares them mentally and emotionally for the big day. Lastly, they can attend classes devoted to natural birthing so they can be part of a structured environment and be able to interact with people who are going through the same things they are.